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October 16, 2009

Flashback To Kelis’ S.H.I.T.

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Song: Sugar Honey Iced Tea

Album: Tasty (2003)

Label: Star Trak/Arista

Kelis is not your typical R&B chic. The eccentric big-haired singer has four albums under her belt and several hit records to date which earned her a Hits album. She was the first woman to scream on a hook with her 1999 debut, “Caught Out There” and has been releasing catchy records ever since. Her second album 2001’s Wanderland wasn’t released in the states although it also had several noteworthy records like “Young, Fresh n’ New” and “Popular Thug”. Kelis mentioned in the past that the label didn’t understand the album and her follow-up, Tasty was released under Arista.

I always struggle with her first three records with trying to determine which is my favorite. Her last album, Kelis Was Here is the only album that had a few too many misses. Tasty gave birth to Kelis’ biggest record to date, “Milkshake” but had other jewels on there as well. My favorite song on this album is “Sugar Honey Iced Tea” which gets constant burn on my iPod. The album was produced entirely by the Neptunes and this record definitely showcases that celestial mark the duo is known for. A video was never released for this laid back cut, but it’s one of those songs that don’t need an accompanying video to add to its grander. Check the vocals below along with the rest of the tracks on Tasty. Although Kelis’ albums don’t push as much volumes as her R&B counterparts, you’re guaranteed to get your money’s worth.

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