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April 14, 2010

New Music from Leela James

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A petite lady with a virtuous sound is one way to describe Leela James. Another would be a soul diva whose art imitates life as each note she resonates touches you deep within. If you’ve never seen her perform live then you’re doing yourself a great injustice. Its one thing to feel an artist through their music, but to watch them perform live really showcases the joy, love and pain they lived when the song was written.

I saw James perform last year at BB Kings Club NYC and this woman lights up the room like any other artist twice her size. She’s one of those voices where after hearing one song of hers you’re a fan for life. Imagine watching her belt out such deep lyrics live.

Her 2009 album Let’s Do It Again although a covers-only album, saw her recreate past hits like produced “It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World” and “I’d Rather Be With You”.  Her debut album A Change Is Gonna Come introduced James as a voice to watch, although she never caught much mainstream attention. Since her last studio album she’s been performing live as well as finding time to create new material like new single “Tell Me You Love Me”. Like many of her other songs its easy to listen to the words and relate. She really has a way of making you feel exactly where she’s coming from with her words.

To my surprise a video was shot and released. Unless you follow Leela James and her career its easy to carry on without hearing much about her or her talent. However she’s one R&B/Soul voice you can’t let slip under the radar. Check her video for “Tell Me You Love Me“.


April 13, 2010

Flashback w/ Lenny: I Belong To You

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Artist: Lenny Kravitz

Song: “I Belong To You” (1998)

Album: 5 (Virgin)

Lenny has been pretty quiet on the music scene lately. Its been a couple since we’ve heard new music from the rocker. He was last seen staring alongside Mo’Nique and Gaborie Sidibie in last year’s Precious. Wheather new music is in the works or not, his catalog of past hits are still as fresh as when they were first created.

Other than “Fly Away” and “American Woman” amongst countless other Lenny Kravitz records, my absolute favorite song of his is “I Belong To You” from 1998’s 5. Listening to the song and getting lost in Lenny’s rhythemic trance its almost as if he’s singing directly to you. The melody is simple and repititive, which are the types that sometimes produces the best song.

Check the vid here.

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