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July 27, 2009

Say How I Feel

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RhianSong: “Say How I Feel”

Album: Gold Coast 2003

Label: DKG Music Inc.

As a native of Ghana, Rhian Benson spent her childhood getting more and more involved in the art of creating music. At age 9 she wrote her first song and went on to play piano. Benson moved from Ghana to India then finally settled in the UK.

In 2003 her first album, Gold Coast debuted which resulted in the release of “The One”, “Words Hurt Too” and the popular “Say How I feel”. The latter spawned a remix with Slum Village and Dwele. Rhian’s voice is very sultry and captivating. She also as a way and clinging onto each word she sings which draws you in to each word the message in the song delivers. She hasn’t since released a follow-up and Gold Coast kept pretty low on the radar, but it was a great album nonetheless. Below is the original album version of “Say How I Feel” which features model Tyson Beckford.


July 24, 2009

“Supporting Your Woman Goes Beyond Payin'”

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Ok, so this is going to be an extremely random post, but I had to share this Fabolous “Throw It In The Bag” remix featuring Drake with you….HOT record to say the least. I knew someone would make use of Dream’s “Fancy” sooner rather than later.

Listen below (and disregard the bromance picture between Fab and Drake and focus on the record).

Can’t wait for Loso’s Way to drop next week!

What’s On Your Mind?

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Song: “What’s On Your Mind?” Eric B & Rakim

Album: Don’t Sweat The Technique 1992

Label: MCA

I heard this song for the first time pretty late in the game. One thing I always found to be a huge turnoff are people who dub themselves “Rap Historians” and feel high and mighty because they can recall when  a song first came out. As though it makes their love for a particular genre of music much stronger than others. When Jay-Z’s “D.O.A.” was released several weeks ago, people were really going in on other artists who use auto tune, as well as new followers of Hip-Hop for not having been a fan of the art from its inception.

I didn’t understand the reason for that. People shouldn’t have to give a thesis on Hip-Hop and what it means to them just to prove their knowledge or dedication. If you hear a song and dig it, then there you go.

That being said, I don’t have a back story for this song, just wanted to share it and possibly introduce others to it as well. Here’s live video for “What’s On Your Mind” by Eric B & Rakim. Enjoy!

July 21, 2009

Motown’s Original Breakout ‘Kids Group’

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With the untimely passing of Michael Jackson there have been talks of a Jackson 5 reunion. The 4 surviving brothers are in the process of making a comeback although there have been talks that Jermaine haven’t yet jumped on board.

The Jackson 5 has been credited as the last greatest group to come from the Motown umbrella having pushed out a number of hit albums. In 1966 they won amateur night at the Apollo Theater where they caught the attention of Gladys Knight. They auditioned for Motown two years later and things took off from there for the boy band.

Michael and his brothers weren’t the first hit-making group dispensed from the label although they’re the ones you hear of most. Frankie Lymon and The Teenagers, another young boy group were the first to make an impression on audiences and give Motown their stamp as the best R&B label in the 60’s.

Frankie and The Teenagers originally from Harlem didn’t have as long a run as the Jackson 5, however Frankie in particular was given the title as the first Black teenage pop star. Their song, “Who Do Fools Fall In Love” was the group’s first hit single which garnered public attention for the boys. As with every other boy group past and present, Frankie Lymon was the breakout star of the group at 13-years-old and it was also said that Berry Gordy used his vocal style as the blueprint of his entire label. (more…)

“Faces In The Crowd” turns into ‘Reality’

Filed under: Chat 'bout — Felicia @ 8:46 am and Faces in the Crowd have come together to bring you the hottest new show on the net! Faces in the Crowd has been the premier R&B/Hip Hop showcase in New York City for the past 6 years, and was a catalyst for helping to get Chrisette Michele discovered. Each month artists travel across the nation to get their chance to perform infront of more than 400 fans and an opportunity to dazzle the  Faces2industry’s most influencial decision makers in hopes of ‘Being Discovered!’ American Idol has nothing on this showcase.

Join us as we expose unsigned talent and…well…other hopefuls through their journey to stardom!

Click on the link below and witness the movement!!!

This is an exclusive Powerplayed Production!

©2009 All is One Entertainment |

July 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Nelson Mandela!

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Everyone pay your respects and join me in wishing Mr. Mandela a happy 91st birthday. His one birthday wish from his people of Johannesburg and all over is not to go out and buy his new album, or for people to follow him on twitter, but to simply go out and do community service. I hope all these blogs that jumped on the DOA bandwagon makes mention.

Even this guy is excited and paying his respects, lol:

July 17, 2009

RIP Walter Cronkite

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Former CBS News anchorman and one of the most public figures in television journalism who i’ve studied at the University of Florida has passed today, according to family members. Additional details will soon follow.

Walter Cronkite

July 16, 2009

22 Questions

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Remember that one magazine Vibe? Remember in the back of the magazine they always asked a bunch of random questions (which was one of my favorite parts)? Well since they’re no longer using that section, I figured I’d do them a service and carry it out weekly. Remember when was the originator of “Top 5 Dead Or Alive”? Then several other people and sites went ahead and used it? Well style and swagger jackings happen continuously and I don’t condone it at all. But i’m confident Vibe won’t mind on this one:

1. Am I the only person who thinks Michael Jackson was ‘done in’ purposely? 

2. Shouldn’t we all accept Joe Jackson for who he is? He’s not gonna change his ways so let the old man live.

3. Isn’t it unfortunate to see Nas and Kelis split in such a nasty way?

4. Shouldn’t guys retire the tight-jeans look?

5. Isn’t The Dream and C. Milli growing on you?

Fighting for seats6. Am I the only one who didn’t realize Chico DeBarge was in his 40’s?

7. Isn’t watching people fight for a seat on the subway in the mornings the best form of entertainment to start the day?

8. Aren’t you looking forward to seeing who gets interviewed this time around on Being Black In America?

9. Don’t you ever want to tell some of the people you follow on Twitter to get a life?

10. Shouldn’t Chris Brown and Teyana Taylor stop fronting like they’re not gettin it in?

11. Don’t you love YvesSaintLaurent’s “Touche Eclat”?

12. Don’t you wish you had a nice yummy cupcake from Crumbs right about now?

13. Wouldn’t it be great to have a free pass to slap some sense into certain people a few times a week?

14. Isn’t it unfortunate Anthony David’s Acey Duecy didn’t do as well as it should have? Maino-Mims

15. Don’t you think Mims and Maino favor each other a bit?

16. Isn’t it refreshing that Drake isn’t a rapper who glorifies the hood or a drug-dealing past?

17. Aren’t you thankful to have people who really care about your well being always there for you no matter what?

18. And isn’t it crazy that the people from your past you never expected to remain friends with still check in regularly?

19. Aren’t you wondering when Shyne will be released so he can get back in the studio?

20. Don’t you dig Souljah Boy? 

21. Isn’t it time House of Dereon just STOP!

22. Aren’t you still jamming to The Dream’s Love vs. Money?

22. And isn’t it time people stop frontin? No seriously, stop making yourself bigger than what you are and embrace all that you have. Life is way too short to let unfortunate circumstances and miserable people stop your movement.

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