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May 31, 2009

Thank God I Found You

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Song: “Thank God I Found You”

Album: Rainbow, 1999

Label: Columbia

Released following her infamous divorce from Tommy Mottola, Mariah Carey’s 7th album, RainbowRainbowlightly chronicled her time being married to Mottola and being kept away in “sing-sing”. The album was a typical Mariah album, but one of the songs that I still play on repeat till this day is the “Thank God I Found You” remix featuring Joe and Nas. This record is the perfect blend of R&B and Hip-Hop at its best with veteran R&B crooner Joe featuring Rap royalty Nas, chipped tooth and all.

In the video Mariah is rocking long blonde braids which of course is blowing in that ever so present gust of wind that always surrounds her in videos. And its the first and only video i’ve ever seen where everyone at what looks to be a nightclub, are jamming really hard to an R&B record. Check the video below:


The Beginning Of The End

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This is old news, but news definitely worth recycling here at As producer of Jay-Z’s Blueprint: 3 album soon to be released, Kanye West will not be using the auto-tune machine; wait for it….score! Antares Auto-Tune

Kanye recently told “we actually removed all the songs with Auto-Tune off of his album to make the point that this is an anti-Auto-Tune album, even though I released an album that has all Auto-Tune”. It’s refreshing to see that we’re slowly but surely transitioning out of the constant use of this machine. It was cool in the beginning but quickly spun out of control. These days it’s the only thing needed to make a hot record.

So artists such as Faith Hill, Kid Rock, Cher, T-Pain and Mr. West will have to find a new means of catchy performance. I have confidence that Kanye’s next album will have very little if not no use of the auto-tune at all. He’s far too talented of an artist to continue riding that bandwagon. Leave it to the Drakes and other newer artists to continue abusing this trend ‘Ye, please. Jay & 'YeBecause once Hov says something’s no longer cool, it’s no longer cool.

May 26, 2009

Island Def Jam Introduces Shonie

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(Originally posted on Rolling Out)

It’s hard to tell R&B artists apart these days. But Island Def Jam recording artist Shonie is breaking the mold with the upcoming release of her album, Passionate Pieces Of Me. The singer, who has been writing since she was 9 years old, linked up with super-producer Jim Jonsin and later, with Slip N’ Slide founder, Ted Lucas, before getting her big break. Now, the Bronx, N.Y.-born, Miami-raised R&B songstress’ new song, “Can’t Let Go,” featuring Fabolous, is creating quite a buzz. Calling herself the female version of The-Dream, Shonie talked to rolling out about her song getting major airplay and why R&B tells tales of the streets. –felicia J. barclay

How did you feel when you first heard ‘Can’t Let Go’ on the radio?
It didn’t really hit me because when I was living in Palm Beach my songs were always on the radio. But when I heard it in rotation on major stations, I was excited. Fabolous definitely put that swag on it.

You described R&B as telling traditional tales of the streets. Talk about that a little more.
I like to talk about things that I’ve seen. I’m young but I’ve seen a lot. I like to talk about things that I went through, my family, friends, etc. There’s too much going on in the world not to talk about it. I want to talk about things people can relate to, especially young girls, but also keep it flavorful too …

What do you think it takes to have longevity in this business?… You’ve got to come out with good music and keep [the] hits coming. And you have to have a great personality. It doesn’t matter how well you sing or how good you look, if your attitude is stinky, people are not gonna like you as a person.

May 22, 2009

Get To Know: Promotional & Marketing Consultant, Erin Barna

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by: Felicia J. Barclay

Who: Erin Barna, Promotional & Marketing Consultant

Time In: 6 Years

Hometown: North Virginia  Erin Barna

The quintessential aspects of learning your way around a particular industry you want to thrive in is to remain humble, patient and have an understanding that you have to start running from the ground up. Virginia native Erin Barna has been in the industry for 6 years and although she’s begun earning her stripes, she intends on taking things to the next plateau. Here she talks about getting her start working with various radio stations, a woman’s role in the music business and the thing that’s more important than having a good team backing you.

Where are you from and how did you get started in your industry?

I’m originally from Northern VA; I attended Florida State University in Tallahassee. While I was there I got my first internship with Cumulus Broadcasting, working for a cluster of 5 radio stations.

Describe specifically what your job entails and how long you’ve been in the business?

Currently my focus is building my company with my business partner. We offer artists and producers promotional and marketing consulting services, as well as image consulting and event coordinating.  We also utilize our network of A&Rs and Djs to connect artists with producers.

What made you choose that profession?

I’ve always been surrounded by music and admired the impact that music can have on culture and society as a whole. It’s a beautiful thing and I’ve been blessed to have the opportunity to be a part of something so powerful. (more…)

May 21, 2009

Orlando Carnival 2009 is Here!

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It’s Memorial Day weekend once again and while many of you will be getting your grills ready to have a BBQ, or getting set to hit the streets and tear the malls down and take advantage of the barrage of sales, everyone in Carnival Central Florida will be whinning and chippin’ down d road in the blazing heat as Orlando Carnival will be taking place this weekend.

For those who are unfamiliar, the wikipedia definition of “Carnival” is as follows:

Caribbean Carnival is the term used for a number of events that take place in many of the Caribbean islands annually.

The Caribbean’s Carnivals all have several common themes based on folklore, culture, and religion, not on amusement rides.

Carnival tradition is based on a number of disciplines including: “Playing Mas”/Masquerade; Calypso Music and crowning a Calypso King or Monarch; Panorama (Steel Band Competition); Jouvert morning; and a number of other traditions.

Carnival has originated from Trinidad and Tobago, which plays host to the best Carnival celebration of all its imitators. To truely get a full Carnival experience Trinidad is where its at. Influeneced largely by African festivals, dancing, singing and music in general, Carnival incorprates the sounds of the steelpan, j’ouvert, good food, fun people and most importantly the elaborate costumes. CostumesCarnival is held in Trinidad every February. (more…)

Beach Lime 2009

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Saturday June 13, 2009
Place: Fort Desoto Beach St. Pete
Orlando’s ONLY all-inclusive Beach Bus Trip

Transport to and from the Beach (Pick up at Negrils of WinterPark in Orlando 8am)
Caribbean Lunch(Catered by Negrils)
Music by YOUR BOY D’BOYWONDER from Toronto and JAM_D
At day at one of Florida Finest Beaches

Tix- $45( Discounts for Couples and Groups)
Get them at WWW.9INEMILE.COM click the big flyer on the homepage for FAQ’s(menu etc)
Info: 407-797-3937 or 407-272-7452

Enjoy a day of cooking, eating and making jokes, continuing the time-honored tradition of the river lime or cookout by di beach. Good Vibez for like-minded individuals. Don’t Miss it!

Death sentences for Suzanne Tamim murderers

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(Originally posted on BBC News)

An Egyptian billionaire and former top political figure has been sentenced to death in Cairo for the 2008 murder of Lebanese pop star Suzanne Tamim. Tamim

Hisham Talaat Moustafa was found guilty of paying $2m to an ex-policeman to kill the singer. The killer Muhsin Sukkari was also sentenced to hang.

Ms Tamim reportedly broke off a secret love affair with Moustafa months before she was stabbed to death in Dubai.

The tale of sex, politics, money and show business gripped the Arab world.

The courtroom descended into chaos after the judge read out a short statement and ordered the sentences referred to the religious authorities for confirmation – as is normal in Egypt. The defendants looked shocked at the verdict and relatives of Hisham Talaat Moustafa jostled with reporters to prevent them photographing his reaction.

Female relatives burst into tears and one of them fainted in the pandemonium.

Lawyer Samir Shishtawi called the verdict “severe”, adding: “I want to assure Talaat Moustafa’s family that this verdict will be overturned by the appeals court”. (more…)

May 18, 2009

My 5 Minutes With Songwriter Greg Curtis

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The one thing that every person can agree on is having a love for music. No matter the genre, we all have songs out there that has touched us in such a way that we can listen to it numerous times and it never gets old. Credit is rarely ever given to the driving force behind each of these songs. The artist brings the song to life, but the songwriter is the actual “lyrical wordsmith” as animated Kanye would say, behind each song.

Songwriter Greg Curtis has been writing hits for the likes of Keyshia Cole and Yolanda Adams, and when speaking to him its clear to see that his passion is still as strong as it has been when he began his career more than 20 years ago. I talked with Greg recently at the SESAC Awards about his time in the business and what inspired him to write some of his songs. Greg Curtis and Regie Hamm

What does the SESAC New York Music Awards mean to you?

Greg Curtis: Just being recognized for the hard work, because we hear the final results and you enjoy the music and say ‘oh I love this song, I love that song’. But then you don’t really know what happened behind the scenes. There’s very emotional stuff that happened. So to be recognized for it, even though it’s like 3 years later it’s ok, because hard work always pays off. I’m really excited for it.

Where did you get the inspiration to write Keyshia Cole’s “I Remember”?

GC: Well Keyshia and I worked together. But my inspiration was because I was going through a very rough time in my life, and musically I just sat down at the piano and just played this beautiful track. And I sat there and sat there, and several hours later I kept coming back to this same beautiful track. When I played it for Keyshia she heard the record and loved it. Then immediately the lyrics came and we wrote the song writer there and it was hot.

Do you work a lot directly with the artist?

GC: Yea, sometimes I do. With Yolanda Adams I did a song called “Victory” which I won a Grammy for, and I wrote that song by myself and she heard it and wanted to do it just as it was. I love collaborating with the artist though, it’s cool. (more…)

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