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November 13, 2009

F*ck The Industry

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Picture from Honey Magazine Feature

Solange Knowles said it best herself: “I’ll never be picture-perfect Beyonce”. This wasn’t a stab at her accomplished big sis. Solange is probably her sister’s biggest fan and at the drop of a dime will defend her sister to the death. Unfortunately she piggy-backed into an industry where people will compare, tear-down and write off their least favorite sibling.

I’ve always digged Solange ever since her single “Feelin You” featuring Noreaga. She has a bit of an edge and a ‘don’t hold back’ attitude which makes her shine as well as give her an identity of her own. She released her second album Sol-Angel And The Hadley St. Dreams which included the popular hit “I Decided” and “T.O.N.Y.”.

Solange may not have a voice comparable to that of her sister’s, but I still appreciate her music and appreciate her genuine sense of doing it strictly for the love of the art. She recently severed ties with her label home Geffen most likely due to album sales. Her talents extend far beyond recording albums as she’s done favorably well as a songwriter contributing to Beyonce’s “Get Me Bodied”, “Flaws And All” Solangeand Michelle Williams’ “Break The Dawn” amongst other songs.

Her message in the song “Fuck The Industry (Signed Sincerely)” which was recorded around the time she made Sol-Angel but didn’t make the final cut, pretty much sums up her feelings towards what anyone has to say about the younger Knowles sister. It also features Philly up-and-coming rapper Wale. Check Miss. Knowles below and the words she delivers to any naysayers.


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