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September 16, 2009

Whitney’s Interview w/ Oprah: Part 2 Summary

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WhitneyThe second part of Oprah’s interview with Whitney Houston aired last night. Oprah hit Whitney with much more direct questions. Prior to finishing the Q&A, both Oprah and Whitney talked about how they each said a prayer prior to having their first interview together. Whitney and OprahThey each had similar prayers asking to be used as a vessel of open-ness.  Oprah also admitted to Whitney that she wondered if she had regretted anything she said, and Whitney quickly responded that she didn’t. She saw the interview not as a way to gain money or talk down about Bobby or her marriage, but simply as a way of release.

Oprah asked Whitney if she was now drug-free. Whitney said of course, but she still had desires for it which she prayed for the continued strength that she was given by the Lord. She also added that she may take a drink every now and then, but drinking was never a problem for her. She was also asked about her daughter Bobbi Christina and how it was for her growing up in an emotionally abusive, drug-charged home. Each time Whitney speaks about her daughter she visibly lights up. Her daughter may have also been a big part of Whitney’s recovery.

In the first interview, Whitney admitted to having been spit on by Bobby; in front of their daughter. Later Bobbi Christina asked her mom “did he just spit on you”? Whitney told he r daughter yes, but it’s ok. Her daughter responded saying that it wasn’t ok. Whitney told Oprah while she was still in her home with Bobby, her family was always there for both her and her daughter. After Whitney prayed for one single day of strength to leave, she told Bobby she was heading to the store for milk and sugar but instead jumped on a flight with a friend and went to Los Angeles.

Whitney and DaughterOver the years as her daughter got older and Whitney gained the strength to leave her marriage, her daughter resented her for a short period of time. They bumped heads but that phase quickly faded as her daughter began seeing for herself how much her mother loved her. Whitney didn’t seem to talk bad about Bobby to her daughter, but Bobbi Chris started to notice broken promises made by her father, and began to understand why her mother chose to leave.

After the actual interview segment the show was transitioned into a performance with a live audience which included her daughter and Clive Davis. Whitney performed “I Didn’t Know My Own Strength” which had Oprah herself in tears. The show closed with Clive saying that Whitney’s new album, I Look To You was a currently at the top of the charts to a very shocked Whitney. After seeing both parts of the interview, many folks questioned Whitney’s sincerity and her holding back a lot of information. Whether she held back or not will never be known. Whitney also mentioned to Oprah in part 1 that she won’t do anymore interviews where she has to answer the same questions. The most important thing is that she’s  back and appears to have finally gotten her life back in order, proving that despite the turmoil’s of life, having faith and never letting go will trump all evils.


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