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September 15, 2009

Whitney’s Interview w/ Oprah: Part 1 Summary

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Whitney and Oprah2For Oprah Winfrey’s 24th season premiere, she had the honor of being the first to interview “The First Black Princess”, as she described her, Whitney Houston. As you can recall a while back Wendy Williams spoke with Whitney by phone and dared to ask her the questions that everyone wished they’d had the opportunity to ask. Whitney clapped back at Wendy which was probably her most famous head-butting with any celebrity to date.

The interview which was held in the Town Hall Theater was very thorough yet empathetic. Whitney did not hold back with her answers and seemed to be very honest and willing to finally speak. Oprah mentioned labeling Whitney as “The Voice” earlier in her career, saying no other artist living at the moment packed a punch quite like Whitney’s talent. She gradually focused her questions on her relationship with Bobby and their whirlwind romance.

Whit and Bobby1Whitney didn’t deny that she and Bobby were very much in love, and he made her feel alive. Being in the entertainment industry for so long and traveling the world, she was made to be doll-like in the sense that she was always expected to steal the show on and off stage. She said Bobby approached her and simply asked, “If I asked you out on a date, would you say yes”? Whitney replied “yes”, and their relationship took off from there.

whitneydaughterWhile her relationship with Bobby was full of many highs, one of which being the birth of her and Bobby’s daughter, Bobbi Christina, she said it was shortly after the filming of The Bodyguard that she began using drugs; cocaine and marijuana.

To summarize her marriage, she didn’t seem to blame Bobby for the drug abuse and the neglect of her gift from God which was her voice. She did say Bobby was her main drug of choice. She seemed to live her life for him and did all that she can to not overshadow him and make him feel like less of a man. One of the things she did for him was the show, Being Bobby Brown, which took us into their relationship. This is when the world really took notice to Whitney and saw that things didn’t seem quite right. being-bobby-brown-logoWhitney at the time refused to let the media or anyone from the outside looking in cause her marriage to fail. She also took her vows very seriously and seemed to do all she can to ensure that her marriage overcame all the negative energy that came at them from jump.

She talked about name calling, adultery, drugs everything that was making her less of the person she once was. By God’s grace and a court junction executed by her mother Cissy Houston, Whitney was given a choice to change the downward spiral which her life has become. She entered into rehab and made the decision to re-evaluate her marriage, which she admitted caused her to be unhappy.

The interview and her revelations were much more in-depth, but the point as I saw it, is that she didn’t blame Bobby Brown at all for what was probably the lowest moment in her life. Whit and Bobby2She may not have sunken that low had she not met the bad boy of R&B at the time, but I think the negative decisions made on her part was a result of frustration from not being able to compensate what little success he had in his career compared to hers. Every man wants to feel like he can provide for his family, and Whitney was clearly the breadwinner. The blow to the ego may have resulted in the emotional abuse Bobby inflicted on Whitney.

Part 2 of the Whitney Houston interview continues later today on Oprah.


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