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August 28, 2009

Blue-Eyed Soul, Late 80’s – 00’s

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Blue-Eyed Soul refers to R&B and Soul performed by white musicians. Long before Justin Timberlake and Robin Thicke hit the scene there were others that paved the way proving that certain genres of music doesn’t specifically apply to a particular group. I was listening to a Taylor Dayne record recently and was wondering what ever happened to her. She had such an amazing voice. Here’s a highlight of some of my favorite blue-eyed soul artists that made a great impact to R&B:

Taylor DayneTaylorDayne

Memorable songs: “Tell It To My Heart”; “Love Will Lead You Back,”

Born Leslie Wonderman, Taylor Dayne was considered more of a Pop artist, but a soulful one at that. She signed with Arista Records in 1987 shortly after college and she was an instant success. She was formerly a member of two sepearate groups, Felony and Next. However neither group really took off. Since her 80’s – 90’s reign, she’s since worked on movie soundtracks as well as appearing in an Elton John Broadway musical. She also released a new album, Satisfied (Adrenaline) in 2008.

Lisa StansfieldLisa Stansfield

Memorable song: “All Around The World”

I can honestly say I was shocked to see the woman behind this voice. Released from the album, Affection, “All Around The World” was one of my favorite songs when I was younger. I used to think it was weird how her vocals sounded like it wanted burst through her larynx. Manchester, England native Lisa Stansfield scored a platinum hit with this record that was released in 1990. This is probably the only song I have memory of from Lisa, and she hasn’t really made much of an impact since the 90’s musically. Her 2004 album The Moment seemed to have gone unnoticed, and she also tried a hand at acting appearing in a 1999 movie called, Swing.

Teena MarieTeena Marie

Memorable Songs: “Square Biz”, “Lovergirl”, “Fire And Desire”

Lady T, La Doña, Rick James’ lady love, were some of the names R&B sensation Teena Marie is referred to. She met James while working at Motown Records, and their professional and person history started from there. It wasn’t until her second album, Lady T in 1980 that her fans and critics saw that this powerful voice belonged to a white woman. From that point she didn’t seem to miss a beat and she continued to churn out hit album after hit album. Her romps with James have been questionable over the years, but they definitely made great music together as seen on the hit record, “Fire And Desire”. Marie recently released an album in June called Congo Square which features the single “Can’t Last A Day” with Faith Evans.


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