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August 18, 2009

Has R. Kelly Been Forgiven?

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RThe Pied Piper of R&B is finally crawling from behind the shadows that were cast upon him back in 2002 with the now infamous allegations that were thrown his way. R. Kelly no doubt is a very talented singer/songwriter/producer who has been churning out hit records for almost two decades. It’s really difficult to appreciate him for any of his newer works because the allegations that he was hit with were pretty hard to swallow.

Despite radio stations instantly removing him from rotation, his fans still proved their dedication with the release of 2003’s Chocolate Factory. It was initially set to be released as LoveLand, but due to heavy bootlegging most of the songs were deleted and the name of the album was changed. Although C.F. didn’t sell as much as his previous efforts, it still produced hits like “Ignition” and “Step In The Name Of Love”; the latter still being a wedding favorite.

R. Kelly is readying himself once again to release another album. 2007’s Double Up didn’t really garner as much attention as I’m sure Jive Records has expected, even they were still riding with him after the smoke cleared. The first single from his anticipated album simply titled Untitled features Keri Hilson and is called “Number One”. I haven’t made up my mind yet on my feelings towards R-ra, but I have to give credit when credit’s due. The man is very talented. If you haven’t seen the video already, enjoy:


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  1. I respect R. Kelly since ” You Got That Vibe” with public announcement. alright so he took a leek on a girl. some say she was young, some say it wasnt him. although, the man is a legend in his own skin, top of the top in the R&B field.(Ne-yo you still got years to cover)The man wrote for the late great King of Pop, He got Hits played in Graduations or Weddings. Put it like this, past is past and everyone needs to move on. O, and R. and Kerri need to make an album together, IT R. Kerri baaaby

    Comment by Prince — August 24, 2009 @ 4:24 pm | Reply

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