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August 4, 2009

22 Questions

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Hello focused ones. A couple weeks ago I began doing 22 Questions and got some pretty positive feedback. I got the idea from the late Vibe Magazine. It was one of my favorite sections of the magazine. So I’m going to keep this rolling and as always hit me with your feedback:

KristinaDeBargeGoodbye1. Isn’t it cool that Kristina DeBarge is continuing the family’s legacy in a positive light?

2. And isn’t her uncle Chico the sexiest DeBarge brother of them all?

3. Has swine flu disappeared?

4. Why is Katherine Jackson in financial turmoil? No matter what aren’t you suppose to make sure your parents are stable?

5. Isn’t it about time China did something about the number of executions performed yearly?

6. Are we really surprised Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush split?

7. Do you ever feel guilty for continuing to jam to R. Kelly’s music? r-kelly

9. Now that Keri Hilson has stepped into the spotlight, can’t we do without Ciara?

10. Don’t you love watching reruns of Half & Half?

11. Aren’t you happy to see that former president Bill Clinton is in North Korea discussing the fate of Laura Ling and Euna Lee?

Wow, Bow!12. Has twitter replaced myspace as the best place to post semi-nude pictures of yourself?

13. Doesn’t Kelis’ Get Along With You seem to be so fitting right now?

14. Whose fault is it that Tiny and Toya is the most watched show on BET?

15. Aren’t you hoping that Eric doesn’t sacrifice himself for his maker on the next episode of True Blood?

16. Wasn’t Jillian the most boring bachelorette on ABC’s “The Bachelor”? Jillian

17. Doesn’t the quality of music coming from rappers today have you experimenting with other genres of music?

18. Why are single people so eager to dish relationship advice?

19. Why do people glorify the fact that they have “haters”?

Madonna20. Shouldn’t Madonna easy off the weights?

21. Who still wears Ed Hardy?

22. Didn’t the 80’s and 90’s produce some of the best songs ever?


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