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August 3, 2009

Still Frontin’ For Album Sales

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Remember the feeling you got hearing a song that had the ability to make the hairs on your arm raise when played? Then the anticipation that followed as you awaited the release date to get your copy? NasFor me that song was “It Ain’t Hard To Tell” by Nas. These types of songs are still created, however the artist’s personal life seems to be more of a deciding factor than the actual music on whether an album is worthy of a purchase. Who the artist is dating, their sexual orientation, what they wear, where they live, how they were raised; these are some of the preliminary tests an artist must pass in order to prove their album is worth the purchase.

Rumors continuously circulate about a recording artist being advised to keep certain aspects of their life secret to avoid damage to their album sales. On the flip side, artists resort to creating controversies and coordinating them in perfect timing with the release of their album. At one point this was something that was completely oblivious to fans, but I think most people are starting to get hip to the cat and mouse game. Luther

The subject of sexual orientation is probably the most common issue in the music world. The rumor mill flows constantly with a new artist being exposed as homosexual and keeping things under wraps to save face and their career. I recently had a conversation with two different groups of friends about whether or not sexual orientation can truly deter the consumer from purchasing an album. If you take an artist who continuously delivers when it comes to their craft, would their sexual orientation hinder you from purchasing their album? My argument was that it wouldn’t, and shouldn’t. If you’re a dedicated fan and have followed this artist’s career from their early beginnings, and you discover something about their personal life, why would this cause you to think twice?

Game - JayWhat about manufactured beefs. Jay Z said in a recent interview that “beef now is so corny”. I couldn’t agree more. This does nothing for me when deciding to buy an album or even give an artist the time of day. Stirring up a heated dispute with another artist doesn’t hype me up to want to purchase the album. Mimi - EmIf anything it makes me don’t even want to bother. Is it me or does the Mariah Carey/Eminem “beef” seem a little too crafted?

Frontin for album sales isn’t what it used to be 10 or even 5 years ago. That stuff just isn’t gonna fly anymore. That’s why you have to give artists like Jill Scott, Solange, Dead Prez and many many others their props for continuing to deliver without the extra constructed baggage that follows.


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