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July 16, 2009

5 Minute Chat

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Happy Thursday everyone! One day closer to another great weekend. Lately in the New York tri-state we’ve had some pretty great weather. Definitely a nice change from a couple weeks ago with the downpours. Wanted to do another chit chat with my focused people about all the goings on in the world. Feel free to chime in. It seems I get more responses to my posts via email, Twitter, Facebook, etc. rather than on the comments section which is totally fine. I appreciate and welcome any form of feedback you have to share. With that said, let’s dive into the first topic:

Social Networking Sites twitter-bird-wallpaper

Isn’t it crazy how these things have completely taken over as the ultimate means of communication? MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, etc. I know people that literally spend their entire day posting and updating. Celebrities have taken to the latest social networking addiction, Twitter to “tweet” their every move. Makes you wonder how much of a life these folks really have to find time to tweet every second they get. I’m actually a fan of both Twitter and Facebook. I recently canceled my MySpace page because I feel like Facebook has put MySpace in a half-nelson and bodied it. I do however pat myself on the back on not accepting friends or “followers” just for the sake of having high numbers. A friend recently questioned the point of “Follow Fridays” if myself or anyone else for that matter don’t actually take advantage and follow new people. She made a good point actually. So maybe I need to step things up and follow more people. Maybe tomorrow during Follow Friday I will follow all the people that my current followers and those I’m following suggest. As crazy as that sentence sounds, Twitter has a language far more compound than that.

In addition to these sites, BlackBerry Messenger is another means of electronic communication that gets two gold stars in my book. It’s like having easy access to the person you need to get in touch with. You can also see if they’ve received and read your message. Forces a response out of them too!


CNN returns with their Black In America 2 series with Soledad O’Brien. BIA follows the lives of African Americans and their plight with trying to bring America to into the light on their everyday struggles.  Soledad has reportedly included Ghana and South Africans in the second installment of the series. It will be showing at 8 p.m. Wednesday, July 22, and Thursday, July 23, on CNN. There were a lot of mixed feelings about the first airing of the series last year. A lot of people felt like they didn’t really touch on a lot of important issues, and also felt as though a certain group of African Americans were interviewed. I’ve read on different websites and blogs that some people felt they spent more time with folks that were well off in their lives and the hurdles they crossed to get there, and less time on those who continued to face hardships. I have my own reservations about the series, but I want to see Part 2 before I really give my opinion. Do you think Black In America is doing a good job of showcasing how it is to be Black in America?


Not gonna spend too much time here, but I must admit in a previous post I didn’t speak too highly of Drake. I didn’t diss him at all, but I did mention that I didn’t see the fascination with the kid. I can honestly say that I’ve given him a chance and really listened to his music, and he’s actually not as bad as I thought. He seems to be very smart as well. With his recent contract signed with his new home, Young Money, included he will have full control of his current and future catalog. He also calls all the shots as far as when he wants to release music, videos, etc. Take notes rappers. There’s a lot more in the business besides money, clothes, hoes and jewelry. If you go into the industry hoodwinked, you will definitely get played really nicely in the end.  


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