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July 8, 2009

It Ain’t a Joe Song Unless Somebody Cheatin

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Song: “Majic” Joe

Album: Signature, 2009

Label: BMG

Joe is so underrated and doesn’t get enough props. His last few albums from 2003 to this current released have gotten overshadowed by the influx of young R&B artists. Through it all, he continues to deliver good music with his signature smooth velvety voice. “Majic”, which is not a typo by the way, is the first single from his new album, Signature and was released this week. As I did an online search of what people thought of Joe’s single, this is by far the funniest i’ve seen:

“Joe, Joe, Joe, must ALL your songs be about cheating? You were doing so good until the very last line: ‘better than her man does’…I hope your music is not reflective of how you live your life. If so, please go get checked because fidelity is NOT your friend. GREAT song up unitl good Ol Joe cheats again. It ain’t a Joe song unless someone cheatin”. Classic! Lol

Check out the song below:  
Music by | More on Joe‘ >Majic


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