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July 1, 2009

5 Minute Chat

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Hello focused ones. It’s been a while since i’ve spoken to you directly one on one. So much has gone on in pop culture lately. One of Charlie’s beloved angels, the king of pop and the king of infomercials has passed. Those recent passings are not my focus of conversation here as everyone and their moms have given their opinions and rememberance to these idols in their own rite. I just want to talk with you; express what’s been happening and buzzing in my little circle lately. Also other equally important things going on in the world that should be brought to light other than all things music-related. Although She Is Focused is centered around pop culture with a heavy emphasis on music-related information, I don’t want to shove these types of articles down your throat continuously, so let’s talk current events shall we?

North Korea

Is the United States so invincible that North Korea’s threat to wipe out America isn’t much of a topic of discussion? CBS World News, my favorite news site BBC News and other sources continue to keep us up to date, but I want to know as much information on this as possible. They’ve openly said that they’re prepared to unleash a “fire shower of nuclear retaliation”. Who says that? Then again there have been talks for quite some time now of a biochemical nuclear threat, although if it was at all feasible, their plan would have to be about 5 or so years in the making…i’m keeping my eye on you North Korea.

BEPBoom Boom Pow

Yes I know, pretty random transition in my topics of discussions. But it is titled “things that’s been on my mind”, so let’s move forward. I have to admit, this wretched song has found its way on to my iPod. I actually like the song! And the remix featuring 50 & Gucci Mane makes it even hotter and easier to like. Listen to the remix here.


BET Awards


VIBE Magazine

Last VibeFounded in 1993 by Quincy Jones and laid to rest in 2009. Such a shame to see such a popular and I would say pivotal magazine in Urban culture send its last issue to the press. They may as well hit the blog highway like everyone else. I’m sure their loyal readers will follow them. Their alledged final cover features the newly engaged C. Milian and The Dream. These two are definitely growing on me. It’s a shame Vibe didn’t get a chance to do an official Michael honorary issue. I’m sure Editor-In-Chief Danyel Smith and her staff would have done a great job with that one. Oh wells. They’ve had a pretty good run.


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