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June 8, 2009

New Week, New Start

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Hello focused ones and Happy Monday. Monday is one of my favorite days of the week. Most folks dread Monday’s but I don’t mind them too much. My Mondays breeze by with ease. It’s also the day of the week I typically get a plethora of invites to parites, networking events, happy hour invitations, etc. And I typically sort through all of those invitations and pick the ones that will either benefit me most, or enable me to have a good time being around positive people.

I’ve been laying low the past couple of weeks on networking and partying and just shared some of the music that I love listening to. I enjoy sharing my blast from the past videos and some new music I stumble upon as well. Speaking of new music, Mos Def’s The Ecstatic drops tomorrow, June 9th. I encourage everyone to do yourselves a service and cop that! If you haven’t already heard some of the tracks from the album, check the video below for one of the singles, “Casa Bey”:

So i’ve decided i’m gonna take a new approach with Well, it’s not exactly “new”, but rather getting back to the basics of what blogging is all about; which is me expressing myself through written word. In addition to writing about events that I attend, I will also drop some lines about what’s been buzzing about in my surrounds. And of course music will always be the square root of it all.

So as always, continue to stay focused and “Locked In” as Diddy would say. I plan on checking out a few different spots this week as well as taking a trip down south this coming weekend…can’t wait!

Peace & Love


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