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June 3, 2009

Originality Is Dead

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Original – a person of fresh initiative, or inventive capacity. The definition of “original” has such a simple yet profound meaning. Originality is officially dead. We see this on TV, radio, websites, people, etc. Most people will take an idea from something or someone else, build on that idea or make simple modifications then feel as though they’ve crowned a new concept. A perfect example is actor turned recording artist Drake.

DrakeI congratulate his success and it seems he’s worked very hard for his achievements. Anyone that works hard is definitely worthy of enjoying their success and sharing their talent with others. However when I first heard his record, “You The Best” on the radio, I was so confused. I was wondering why does Kanye West sound like Lil Wayne…or is this Lil Wayne rapping like Kanye. I had no clue at the time who I was listening to. It’s really sad that Hip-Hop and music in general has spun so far away from its origins. And the crazy thing about it is that the listening and viewing audiences don’t seem to have a problem with it. We all complain about singers X, Y and Z sounding so similar, but we allow ourselves to fall victim to the old hook and reel and continue to support these unoriginal, music-biters.

Everyone has their own definition of originality. My personal definition coincides with the dictionary definition; I also think that music is simply running amuck with no clear direction. Luckily we still have artists such as those mentioned above, old and new, that understand the true essence of good music: originality. Whether its music, television, writing or any form of the arts, you’re only doing yourself a disservice by mimicking others. Gone are the days of turning on the radio and hearing various styles and sounds from different artists.



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Song: “Dinninit”

Album: Stakes Is High, 1996

Label: Tommy Boy Stakes Is High

Emerging on the Hip-Hop scene towards the late-80’s, De La Soul was considered a group that would prove to be a great addition to what was unraveling into one of the fastest growing musical genres. The three-man group from Long Island was exploring different aspects of music unlike other rappers at the time which included more than just Jazz and old-school fundamentals.

Posdnuos, Trugoy The Dove and Pasemaster Mase, who comprised the group was just weird all around, but it worked for them and they created some pretty great albums during their career.

Their fourth album, Stakes Is High, wasn’t their greatest or most memorable album to date. It was one of those albums that produced some pretty good singles, but it just didn’t sell too well. One of the records, “Dinninit” was my favorite. It has the typical carefree, witty aspect to it while still being really catchy. Unfortunately no video was created for this record, but you can still take a listen below:

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