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May 31, 2009

The Beginning Of The End

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This is old news, but news definitely worth recycling here at As producer of Jay-Z’s Blueprint: 3 album soon to be released, Kanye West will not be using the auto-tune machine; wait for it….score! Antares Auto-Tune

Kanye recently told “we actually removed all the songs with Auto-Tune off of his album to make the point that this is an anti-Auto-Tune album, even though I released an album that has all Auto-Tune”. It’s refreshing to see that we’re slowly but surely transitioning out of the constant use of this machine. It was cool in the beginning but quickly spun out of control. These days it’s the only thing needed to make a hot record.

So artists such as Faith Hill, Kid Rock, Cher, T-Pain and Mr. West will have to find a new means of catchy performance. I have confidence that Kanye’s next album will have very little if not no use of the auto-tune at all. He’s far too talented of an artist to continue riding that bandwagon. Leave it to the Drakes and other newer artists to continue abusing this trend ‘Ye, please. Jay & 'YeBecause once Hov says something’s no longer cool, it’s no longer cool.

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