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May 6, 2009

Sometimes Love

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Song: “Sometimes Love”

Album: Born & Raised, 2006

Label: Nesola

German born singer Joy Denalane who has released albums in Born & RaisedEnglish, German and South African languages, would describe herself as a Hip Hop influenced artist. This culture hasn’t hit her hometown of Berlin until the late 80’s, so there weren’t many German influences around her. She took it upon herself at that time to explore music and teach herself to sing.

Mamani was her first official release and did pretty well on German charts. After word spread overseas about the African-German singer, she appeared in Common’s “Go” video. From there, she release her first English speaking album, Born & Raised. The album featured collaborations with both Raekwon and Lupe Fiasco. One of the tracks that I really enjoy from this album is “Sometimes Love”. I can continuously listen to it on repeat.

*The video below is of her performing “Heaven Or Hell” which is the track she did with Raekwon. It’s also another good record of hers. After listening click on one of the videos to the side to listen to “Sometimes Love”: 

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