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May 6, 2009

Jailed Rappers Ready For Release

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When I thought about writing this article, a few rappers instantly came to mind: Shyne, Mystikal and C-Murder. I know there are several others; some of which you I may have chosen to speak on more so than the ones mentioned, but these are the three that jumped out.

ShyneWe all remember the infamous Puffy, J-Lo, Shyne party shoot-out. It took place back in December 1999. Jamal Barrows, pka Shyne (who actually changed his legal name to Moses Michael Leviy) had just signed to Bad Boy earlier that year prior to the notorious incident that would ultimately take precedence over his Rap career. There was much anticipation surrounding Shyne and the release of his album. Puff found a rapper who would no doubt never replace is protege, but sounded extremely reminiscent of the late B.I.G. A shoot out in Club New York involving the young rapper, Puff and his girlfriend at the time J-Lo ultimately lead to the demise of Shyne’s career.

His self-titled album, Shyne was released the following year, and he even had a second release in 2004 called Godfather Buried Alive, and although both albums did well in numbers, they each died off pretty quickly and Shyne was soon forgotten.

Shyne is scheduled for an October 2009 release. Would people still be checking for him then? I personally am looking forward to any pending albums he has in the works because i’m sure he has a lot to say. Below is his video, “That’s Gangsta” to refresh your memory.

On to Mystikal. The New Orleans born rapper has always been a bit on the corny side to me. With all the crazy yellings and carrying on he did and records, but he was cool-corny. I didn’t mind him too much on Joe’s “Stutter Remix”. He was one of the few artists on No Limit Records besides C-Murder and sometimes Master P, that was actually a decent artist and did fairly well commercially. His story is a little different from Shyne’s whereas there were no shootings and injuries involved.  Mystikal

Mystikal was given 6 years for sexual assault and extortion. At first it was said that he denied the sexual assault charges until video evidence surfaced. Pretty dumb move on his part considering he was receiving much success with his music career. His 1995, Mind Of Mystical did pretty good as far as album sales. Once he signed to No Limit Records and released Unpredictable in 1997, that’s when his career really went on to a higher level. Because his sentence was given in January 2004, so he’s looking at an early 2010 release date. Check the video below from his 2001 album, Tarantula for the single “Danger” featuring a pre-multi colored hair Nivea and Superhead in her glory days:

Lastly, there’s C-Murder. And i’m sorry, I gotta post his video early. “Down 4 My Niggaz” was the official college anthem! Ladies, do you remember your part to the hook? You have to be truely from the South to know that line, lol. I swear if i’m in a very important meeting and the windows are cracked open and a car drives by blasting this song, I couldn’t help the reaction I would have. Every ounce of gangsta comes out of you when you hear this.

Corey Miller, pka C-Murder, is most known as the brother of Master P and Silkk The Shocker. He describes choosing his stage name because he “sees murder”. He and his brothers formed a group called Tru, and he was also affiliated with No Limit Records. As probably the best rapper from the No Limit squad, he was quickly becoming a big success because of his own keeness on the mic.  C-MurderIt wasn’t until the release of his third release, Trapped In Crime, had he officially became a household name with the release of “Down 4 My Niggaz” which featured Static, Mystikal and Snoop Dogg. Shortly thereafter he started Tru Records.

In September 2003 he was charged with second degree murder and was facing a life sentence in the death of a 16-year-old. Later the judge dismissed the case due to the witnesses in the case had lengthy criminal backgrounds of their own. C-Murder is currently under house arrest and his also working on new music. His trial has alledgely started last month and if convicted, he will be surving the original life sentence.

All three rappers while earning sucessful careers in their own rites; particulary Mystikal and C-Murder, they still suffered the pitfalls of falling victim to the adage of “when keeping it real goes wrong”. It’s not always necessary to keep that gangsta persona, whether it’s something learned from a hard life growing up, or something adopted because of the genre of music you’re in. In the end, i’m sure each individual would have made different choices and would have each gone on to be pretty great contributors to Hip Hop.



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