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April 29, 2009

Welcome To Atlanta: The ‘Behind The Scenes’ Cassie Interview

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One of the events included on the list of Core DJ events was a listening at Justin’s Restaurant. In attendence of course was Diddy, Red Cafe, Akon, Cassie and others. There were several hundred DJs in attendance and surprisingly everyone fit comfortably inside the restaurant. Food was served (and i’m still feeling a little salty about not having jumped in line for a plate, but I digress).

Some of the songs that were spun were track’s from Day 26’s newest album Forever And A Day as well as Cassie’s current single, “Must Be Love” featuring Diddy himself. Also played for the first time was Diddy’s “Diddy Bop” which will soon make its way to a radio station or club near you. “Diddy Bop” will not be the first single from his upcoming Last Train To Paris, but its just a good club record to prepare you for his release.

After all the hoopla and what seemed like hundreds of DJs lining up to take pictures with Diddy, Cassie and Red Cafe, I was able to pull Bad Boy’s current first lady to the side for an interview. We discussed her upcoming Interview with Cassiealbum, Electro Love which will be released pretty soon this year. We also talked about the first single “Must Be Loved” and a few other subjects. It was nice to learn that Cassie is a really sweet girl in person. I wasn’t really expecting Diva behavior, but she was a genuinely nice person to speak with. Especially after having to take several pictures with folks; some bringing their homemade CDs to have her hold it and strike a pose with them.

The most important question though was in regards to her new half-shaved do. She simply mentioned that she wanted to try out a new look and she took the plunge.

I must admit, when I first saw pictures online of the cut, I was taken back a little. It was really drastic I thought and probably had the same assumptions that everyone else had as to why it was done. But after meeting her and seeing it up close, it actually looks pretty good. Would I do it? Ummm, no. But it fits her really well.

My much more detailed interview with Cassie will be posted online soon. Check out the video after the jump with a pre-shaved Cassie and Diddy in the studio mixing the last of ‘Love’.

– Felicia


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  1. When you showed me Justin’s, I too was wondering how everyone fit inside. I can see myself with that hair-cut; not a good look for me, but something I would dare. I like.

    Comment by candidgyal — April 30, 2009 @ 4:46 pm | Reply

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