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March 31, 2009

Stop the Press!

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Another day, another hustle, another rejection. I’m gonna do my best to keep things live and direct as my daily conundrums take place. Let’s start from jump; today turned out to be exceptionally beautiful outside. 307161729_cf67f69afd

The temperature shot up to the high 50’s here in the big city of dreams. You would think by now that I will learn to disregard anything meteorologists say when it comes to the weather. However once again I decided to take their word, and dress for the relatively warm-like day. I knew I would be on assignment later that night, and typically I would dress accordingly, but I figured I would be fine in my skirt, converses and button-up.

My day went well. No mishaps, no major fails; everything was going according to schedule. When 6pm rolled around I began preparing for my show review for a very well-known rapper’s performance that was to take place in China Town. I arrived at the venue, temperature dropping, and headed straight to the front of the line. I ask about the “guest list” and was of course greeted by the ever so present ‘screw face’ from security, who advised that I should go speak to someone else. I walk up to this someone else, who then advises that the “guest list” hasn’t been prepared. Odd I thought, but ok; I decided to wait…and I waited…and waited. Finally when I realized that the press area was just to the other side of Mr. Screw Face, I proceeded over there to get my credentials in order for my entry. By this time, the temperature had dropped significantly and my whole body was now numb from my defiantly neglecting to understand that although the weather is lovely during the day, when the sun goes down its every man for themselves.

So I advise the woman with the list who I am and who i’m there on behalf of. She gives me a hmmm and she searches her sheet. I automatically know this is not a good sign. She tells me, “I’ll be right back”. So I’m standing there, temperature dropping, and a young lady walks up to me. And what a lady she was with her cigar hanging from the side of her mouth. She asks my name, and I tell her with a friendly smile. A rule of thumb is to always be polite to your fellow press member. You find that you bump into these people quite often. She then asks “you going in”? I say “well, I’m trying to make sure I’m on a list. Are you going in”? She then shows me a band on her wrist that she received from a radio station. I quickly realize that she isn’t with the rest of the press group and could possibly be getting her groupie swag together for a celebrity spotting. She then asks “you have pretty hair, is it yours?” as she takes it upon her self to begin touching my hair, lifting it, brushing it to the side. So I turn to her like um, can I help you? She then asks “just come with us are you hear with someone”? I answer trying to hide my repugnance saying “yes, I’m here with them” as I pointed towards the direction of the crowd at no particular person. She walks away and at that point I’m aimlessly searching for the lady with the list.

She comes out only to tell me, “sorry, we haven’t received your RSVP, but your free to cover the arrivals”. I tell her thanks, but my intentions were to cover the whole performance. So as I walked away waiting for my friend to pick me up, my thoughts are not on being denied press entry into the venue, not on the fact that I had turned completely numb from not having dressed for the late night weather, not even on the girl taking advantage of me. I couldn’t help but think of Biggie’s “I Got A Story To Tell” as I began to think about how I’ll cleverly transmit my little story. Below is the instrumental….enjoy!

– Felicia


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